This Ketubah is featured in the permanent collection at


Judy Freeman using calligraphy to draw out each letter of the Ketubah text by hand.

Through the use of my airbrush, vivid tones of color float through the air to make incredible images emerge onto the paper. These images are the 3-D designs for my Ketubahs, Wedding Scrolls, Anniversary artwork, Bar/Bat Mitzvah art and Birth pieces. Studying art in Europe and Israel has helped my understanding of contemporary and traditional Jewish values. Teaching art and art history has given me the experience to share these values. Creating these art masterpieces for over 25 years has given me the passion of being an artist.

When Israel celebrated its "50th Anniversary," it was an incredible thrill to travel to Jerusalem and present Israel with my piece called "Fifty Stars of Israel." The Minneapolis Institute of Art, the seventh biggest art museum in the country, features a ketubah made specifically for the museum, in its permanent collection. My artwork graces the wall of museums, universities, synagogues, stores, charities, offices and fine homes on four continents.